Thursday, January 22, 2009

Working downstairs

Our upstairs furniture is all stuffed into Bubba's room because our flooring's finishing touches won't be done until Monday (It was supposed to be today but the end pieces aren't in yet). Therefore, there really is no place to sit except on the floor. So this past week Hubby and I have been finishing our basement. We already have put in a full bathroom down there and are now working simultaneously on a family room and another bedroom. We still have quite a bit of work to do on each room but the hard parts are mostly done.

Here are a few pictures of our progress thus far:

Here is the bedroom. It has been framed and we just finished the drywall last night. Now we need to tape the drywall joints, texture the walls, PAINT!, put on trim, carpet, and furnish! Yay! We are basically done right?

Here is the downstairs family room. It already had the walls and was painted when we moved in. The ceiling was also half done. So we have finished the wood planked ceiling and patched the holes in the walls. Now we just need to finish drywalling the window boxes, paint, add molding, carpet, and then we get to shop for furniture! There are some ideas of what I want at the bottom of this post.
Sorry about this picture. I should have dimmed the lights but I wanted to show off the completed ceiling.

I really like this sectional. I am not a huge fan of the pillows though. I bet I could add a little of my own zing with the help of the fabric store.
I also like this one. It is about the same as the previous one but it looks more comfy for some reason.
No matter what couch we get I definately want this ottoman! I love ho great is all the storage it provides?!

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Tim, Jenae & Jaxon said...

You're finishing your basement too?!? Dang Lace that's so exciting!! It's like a whole brand new house, yeah!! That'll be so nice, I love those sectionals, they make me want to snuggle up with a good movie!