Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Day...

I was going through the pictures on my computer trying to organize them so that I can get them into scrapbooks or something tangible so that they aren't taking up space on my hard drive. Well, look what I found. Two pictures of Hubby and me.

The first one is us during the summer of 2004 (hence the insane tan faces). We were still just dating and attending one of our really good friend's baptism. I remember that being a good day.

The next one was taken January 2007. We were married and I am standing with some medals from WAC Indoor track championship.

Now you are probably wondering why I chose these two pictures...Look at my hair!! How long it is! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to make sure I get my long hair back.

This is where my applesauce comes in...I have started brushing through my hair 100 times at night to help it grow faster. Apparently, combing your hair stimulates blood flow to your scalp, which helps to energize your hair follicles and thus longer hair. Now I could actually go on the internet and find some study that proves or disproves this, but I just realized that it is pretty late and it feels good to comb your hair and give yourself a little scalp massage anyway. So who cares if it isn't still feels good.


me and him said...

it is SOOO true. but then you have to pull it in a SUPER TIGHT pony tail and leave it over night (if it's long enough!) once you stimulate the follicles, pull on them!! it makes since to me!

Trent Megan and Kids said...

I'm with you on growing out the hair but I have to say my arm would get tired brushing it that many times so I suggest that you let Reese and Mason take over that task. It always feels better having others brush your hair than doing it your self!!:)