Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What am I thinking?!?

My husband and I are expecting a little girl in November and I am back in the crafty spirit. Yes, I am nesting! I tried not to do it but I can't help myself. I am on my sewing machine or at the craft store almost 2 hours a day! It's disgusting I know!

Well here is my latest and most difficult sewing project. I made a rag quilt for my son before he was born but now I am going for the big she-bang of quilts. Let me just show you what I am doing.

First I went to the fabric store with some already collected fabric scraps from my collection and ended up with 9 different prints...that's right...9 different prints are going into this quilt and that does NOT include the trim or the backing...really, what am I thinking?!? I took those 9 prints and cut them into 4 inch squares. Here they are layed out the way I will sew them together. First I sewed them into strips...

And then into blocks. I will end up with 24 blocks that measure 10 1/2 inches. I am still not done sewing all the squares together into blocks but I will be soon. (Fingers crossed).
Once I have the blocks finished, I will then cut them into 4ths. Now you are thinking "What is she thinking?" Yeah I am starting to ask what I got myself into!!!

This little guy is the one who keeps me sane and tears me away from my sewing machine to play cars or trains. Thanks Bubba!