Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Makings of a Wreath

Ever since I took the Christmas wreath off of my door it's looked naked. This is a hard time of year for me because I don't have "winter" decorations. I have snowmen stuff but it all gets packed away with our Christmas decor deep under our stairs. So now what do I decorate my home with? It's a little too early for Valentines and I don't want to invest in President's Day decorations. So even though the inside of my home will be left decoratively barren, my front door still needs a little something. So here are the makings of my wreath...may they inspire you to make something better.
First I gathered some materials:
  • Garland-I bought a few of these at Hobby Lobby last year sometime because they were on sale and I liked them but at the time I had absolutely no use for them.
  • Ribbon-I save all ribbon that is at least 6" long for little touches.
  • Grapevine wreath (not pictured)
  • Twist ties-I used twist ties because I wanted to make something tonight and I didn't have floral wire and I didn't want to use my glue gun to make it permanent. Thenonce I get sick of this wreath I can take it apart and start over.

I started with laying down the grapevine wreath and laid the garland on top. The first garland I put on the outer rim of the wreath and the second garland was put on more of the middle of the wreath. I only used about 8 twist ties to secure the garland to the larger branches on the wreath.

Here is what I have so far. I have spread out the "branches" on the outer garland for a more airy look. For the inner garland I spread out the "branches" and then lightly scrunched them like pom poms. I left space at the bottom for a ribbon to be tied.

Here is the wreath in Hubby's hand with the ribbon attached. I am not crazy about the way I tied the bow but I will fix it. If you know how to tie a better bow, by all means come and re-tie it if you happen to drive by my house. At least the door doesn't look as naked as it did with nothing on it.


Tim, Jenae & Jaxon said...

Way cute Lace!!! It looks so nice & fancy on your door! You're so crafty!

Trent Megan and Kids said...

I have had the same dilema so thanks for the info!! Where did you get your garland?

Bugz and Whitney said...

This wreath is SO cute! I may just have to copy it!

Veronica said...

I saw this on your door and loved it! You're so crafty:)