Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saving Money is a Good Thing

I don't mind saving money, especially on groceries. It may be kind of lame to post about my grocery savings but that is what I made this blog for so that I can remind myself that I do like doing Grocery Smarts. And to "toot my own horn" as my dad would say. Here is what I accomplished on this particular shopping trip.What I would have spent: $154.98
Total spent: $38.68
Total amount saved: $116.30

Ahh, I feel good.


me and him said...

yeah for free grands rolls! mmm! got me some of those too! in fact, our groceries look almost identical...only i missed the hair dye (and need it) and i got lots more cereal (close to 20 boxes!) happy shopping lace.

m@R(! said...

dont' you just feel so good once you get back from shopping!!?? and saving tonz! i sure do.

the McLaughlin's said...

when and where did you get those awesome savings?