Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Making the House a Home

The walls are painted, the flooring is in, and now it is time to add the special touches that make this house more of a home. Here is a plate holder/hanger that I just had to have from Hobby-Lobby since it was 50% off. It even has a little touch of red in it to tie in the red-ish touches in the front room. (The plates were a gift from my sister but I do know that she got the entire set from Target.)
I replaced the light fixtures in the hall and above the kitchen sink. Gold fixtures just weren't cutting it for me. I got them at Home Depot. They only hold one light bulb so they don't give off a ton of light but just enough for places like, oh I don't know, maybe the hall and above the kitchen sink. ;)
I saw this beauty in Walmart and just couldn't resist taking her home with me. I have no idea how to take care of her. The little tag said to "Place 3 ice cubes per week on soil. Do not let your orchid sit in water. Place in bright spot of the room, but avoid full sunlight. Temp: 60-85 degrees F, never below 40 degrees F. Avoid locations with strong drafts." Is that right? If you have tips just let me know. I don't want it to die.
I found this at Hobby Lobby too! I love it. It hangs right above the stairs and is the first thing you see when you walk into my house. I bought it also at 50% off and used my Hobby Lobby gift card from Christmas to purchase it. So it was free to me!

Here is the kitchen. It looks so dull compared to the rest of my house. Hubby and I are trying to determine what to do with it for minimal cost since 98% of our home improvement budget goes into finishing the two rooms downstairs. So for a help to the kitchen I thought I would paint it but what color? I was thinking a light green. Not Christmas green or anything too dark or bright. More of just a tint. What do you think? I cannot find a picture of a green kitchen anywhere so maybe green is the exact opposite of what color you want your kitchen. If any of you have ideas for my kitchen, please feel free to direct me to a website or any type of input would be helpful.

I am working on a couple projects that I will post about next week including directions so you can make them too.


me and him said...

hey! so i made those cookies that you posted the other day, last night and made them into homeade oreos. they were delish!! mmmmmm! i love all the updates to the house. way to go lace! looks like it's your turn for GNO so that we can all see it in person. and i think a pretty green would be great. there's one at bennett's paint called "coastal fog". it's kind-of a light tan but has strong green undertones. i like it. good luck, paint can be hard.....ask chels!!

Megan said...

Hey woman! It all looks so great!

I *heart* green. Mainly the limey green and have been thinking about paiting green somewhere but what shade and which room has yet to be decided.

ANYWAY - the only thing I worry about with a light green is having it look "minty". Not my preference anyway.

So you mentioned staining the cabinets..have you thought about painting them? That could totally transform that area too.

I have a friend who has a green kitchen that I love but I don't seem to have any photos of it.

Here's a small peek at one kitchen with black painted cabinets :)

I'll check back in to see the rest of the home transformation! :)

Megan said...

Hey found some more examples. Not sure they are good ones but here are some green kitchen photos

Jamie said...

I have a thought for you on spiceing up you kitchen...add some hardware to your cabinet doors. When we bought our house the knobs were all brass (ugly) so we bought some new ones and what a difference! You can get hardware for around $1 each at Lowes or Home Depot