Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finished Memory Board and Nursing Cover

Do you remember the memory board I made a little while ago? Now it is complete! I finally found some buttons for my little memory board at Joann's. They are a little shiny and I really love what they do for the board. I attached the buttons by sewing them on through the ribbon, fabric, and canvas. And Wha-la!
The craft of this past week was a nursing cover. Yes, I know it is pink and yes I realize that I am NOT expecting a baby...let me reiterate for all the relatives (my mom and mother-in-law especially)...I AM NOT PREGNANT!!

Now that we have that out of the is the nursing cover that I made! It was pretty easy and I'd love to give you a whole tutorial on how to make one for yourself but Made by the Momma Monster has already put a tutorial together. Just click here and you will be able to make your own. Happy Sewing!


Whit said...

Sorry, I thought you were pregnant too. I could feel it in the air at your house. ;)

the McLaughlin's said...

Hey Lace, quick question for you. Are you prego? J/K that is so funny but I guess when your youngest is almost 2(or over 2 in my case) it is the question to ask. Love the board and nursing cover by the way! Cute fabric!

the mama monster said...

um lacey i know you! this is jackie...we grew up in the same ward and lived down the street from each other. i don't want to write my last name but it starts with a are you married...any kids? good job on the nursing cover. they sure come in handy.